De L’Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since its opening in 1896 as an independent, family-owned hotel, De L’Europe has evolved from a luxury hotel to a guardian of local history, culture, and craftsmanship. The hotel is located on the foundations of the city wall, on the banks of the river Amstel.

De L’Europe — Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stylish rooms and suites embrace local heritage with special attention to design details and technology. The hotel recently undertook a redesign of its first floor, seamlessly blending the past and present to create a space that’s replete with authentic 17th-century artwork and modern touches.

The story

From a ‘Rondeel’ or tower built in 1553, to a simple inn that slowly evolved to the hotel you know now throughout the 19th-century, Hotel de l’Europe celebrated its 100th birthday in 1996, still standing on the same spot it was first conceptualized back in the fifteenth century. In 2011, the hotel was rebranded as De L’Europe and underwent a complete restoration of the main building.

Your stay

The hotel’s ‘t Huys wing carefully blends guests and a lively group of permanent residents who use their suites as ateliers, creative work spaces, and pied-a-terres. Creativity is ripe in the air and you can’t fail but to leave inspired.

Being part of Querido is being part of a closely knitted family of likeminded niche hosts and entrepreneurs. A collection of authentic luxury properties that complement each other, each steeped in history and local culture, and offering guests unparalleled hospitality. Together it offers guests truly refined experiences, yet with a recognizable service familiarity as if your are staying with ‘family’, in exceptional surroundings and in the most beautiful European destinations. We are proud to be part of this tailor made offering.

— Edward Leenders | Managing Director

How to spend your time

The city awaits: step on a boat from the hotel’s terrace and discover hidden gems through the eyes of the hotel’s Clef d’Or. Lunch at Marie, the hotel’s brassiere named after the strong, independent wife of Gerard Heineken, showcases local fare from the Côte d’Azur—a nod to her love of exquisite tastes and the colorful French Riviera.

Fall in love with

Totally enchanting and utterly beautiful, it’s hard to take your eyes off De L’Europe. Spend your whole stay exploring the art, decor, and ornate embellishments that adorn every corner, and when it feels like time for some fresh air, step onto the hotel’s terrace overlooking the Amstel river.

Expect the unexpected

Eight carefully curated waterfront suites make up the hotel’s ‘t Huys wing—a place where Amsterdam icons of art, style, and luxury come together under one roof. Browse the books at MENDO, a sophisticated library-like store; enjoy a treatment at Le Spa by Skins Institute; plan a long, relaxed dinner at Trattoria Graziella.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The best time to visit

De L’Europe is open year-round but we prefer the warmer months of April, May, June, September, and October most.

More to discover with Querido

Amsterdam is our only Northern European destination with many non-stop flights arriving from North America. Spend a few nights at De L’Europe before continuing onto some of the finest family-owned properties in Portugal, Spain, France, or Italy.

How to get there

Amsterdam Schiphol airport (AMS) is approximately 25 minutes away.

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