Ericeira, Portugal

An ode to the beautiful environment and landscape that surrounds it, Immerso is Ericeira’s first five-star hotel, described as a ”sensory experience of being in communion with nature.” With surfing at its heart, Immerso is framed by the ocean and nestled in a valley, combining four different accommodation areas, embraced by the surrounding verdure. There are 37 rooms, Emme restaurant by consultant chef Alexandre Silva, spa, pool, organic garden – where the hops for the hotels craft beers are grown – and in the future, a surfboard workshop.

Immerso — Ericeira, Portugal

The work of architect Tiago Silva Dias, designer Barbara Neto, and one of the hotel’s owners, Alexandra d’Eça, the exterior and interior showcase the beauty of nature, integrating the structures into the destination, adhering closely to the principles of environmental sustainability adapted to the specific climate conditions.

The story

Behind Immerso is a family with a deep connection to Ericeira and in particular, surfing—the property was born from a desire to connect the beaches, culture, and cuisine they love with the rest of the world. The hotel is the perfect meld of laidback and sophisticated, a place where you can immerse yourself in the power of nature without compromising on aesthetics, service, or connection.

Your stay

Earthy. Authentic. Organic. Each room is decorated in neutral tones with sustainably sourced rugs, textiles, and elements. The hotel’s suites are a roomier option, complete with a stand-alone bath tub and a balcony with a swing chair—perfect for drinking in the view of the ocean to the north and the beach to the west.

How to spend your time

Immerso was born from a love of surfing and while the hotel is a sanctuary for those seeking the swell, its easygoing vibes are just as impactful whether you’re in the ocean or not. If you’d rather root, there are plenty of things to keep you busy, like wine tasting, day retreats at the spa, horse riding, and even pottery making.

Fall in love with

The natural beauty of Ericerica is something to behold. Marvel at the ever-lasting sunsets that fill the sky; seasonal, local produce grown right on the property and enjoyed in a casual dining setting, indoors or out; and the hotel’s artisanal beers that are inspired by the sensations and nuances of Ericerira.

Expect the unexpected

Emme on Fire – a spontaneous fire-pit dining, curated by chef Alexabdre Silva – is a symbol of communion and renewal, showcasing natural elements with traditional flavors. Enjoy dinner to the soundtrack of crackling flames and the background of starry skies.

Ericeira, Portugal

The best time to visit

May is a magical month where the weather’s good, the surf is up, and the property is quieter, allowing it to really double down on those soothing, laidback vibes.

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How to get there

Lisbon airport (LIS) is approximately 35 minutes away.