Surrey Hills, United Kingdom

Nestled in beautiful Surrey Hills, just 40 minutes from London, Beaverbrook is a haven that offers a serene escape from the pace of city life. Spanning over 470 acres of expansive gardens, woodlands, and stunning lawns, it embodies the essence of an idyllic English country house estate.

The estate has a rich history, formerly owned by Lord Beaverbrook, an avid socialite, prolific host and the greatest of entertainers – all attributes of your modern-day stay. Designed to seamlessly blend the past and present by retaining its timeless elegance while embracing modern sophistication.

The story

Lord Beaverbrook was a prominent figure in British politics, media, and high-society during the early to mid-20th-century. He owned Daily Express and Sunday Express newspapers, his influence was immense and was appointed as Wartime Minister of Aircraft, by close friend Prime Minister Winston Churchill – where he spearheaded the “Saucepans for Spitfires” campaign, drastically increasing the production of Spitfire planes, enabling Britian to win the pivotal Battle of Britain. The Spitfire serves as the logo for Beaverbrook today.   


Your stay

Discover the charm and luxury of Beaverbrook’s three unique houses in a sprawling 470-acre estate. Each of the 18 rooms in The House is named after famous former guests, including Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor. But for an unforgettable experience steeped in history and magnificence, The Dowager, the Master Suite, is the pinnacle of luxury.  

Just a short stroll from The House, The Garden House offers a charming 11 rooms amidst beautiful gardens and meadows. The Coach House comprises of six beautifully appointed rooms and suites sharing space with the hotel’s award-winning spa and wellness facility.

How to spend your time

At Beaverbrook Hotel, take a moment to take in the enchanting surroundings of Surrey Hills, just as Lord Beaverbrook himself did. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail on Sir Frank’s Terrace, where Lord Beaverbrook and his close friend Winston Churchill once gathered. Indulge in delectable dishes at The Garden House, where fresh ingredients are sourced, or the exquisite flavors of Japanese Grill by Chef Wojciech Popow. Take a moment to disconnect your mind and body at The Coach House Health Club & Spa. 

Fall in love with

The Coach House Spa at Beaverbrook is an enchanting place combining nature and wellness to create a captivating experience through a holistic and nurturing approach. With experts known as Visiting Masters, who are renowned in their respective fields and offer unique experiences, the spa offers treatments including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Druidry, Tai Chi, and more. The entire concept of the spa is inspired by the surrounding natural beauty, adding a sense of serenity and relaxation. 

Expect the unexpected

Beaverbrook’s imaginative director, Sir Frank Lowe, has carefully assembled a remarkable collection of historical art treasures within the estate. These inspiring works, originating from a wide range of genres and generations, have been thoughtfully curated to adorn Beaverbrook’s walls. They include creations by acclaimed contemporary stained-glass artist Brian Clarke, Victorian explorer Marianne North, and esteemed figures like Gerhard Richter and Jean Cocteau.

The best time to visit

Beaverbrook is a year-round destination, bringing unique and captivating experiences each season. In Winter, get into the festive spirit on the magical ice rink. In Spring, watch the estate bloom with over 10,000 fragrant tulips. In Summer, enjoy the stunning warm weather with various outdoor activities. And as Autumn arrives, immerse yourself in the gorgeous colorful foliage. 

More to experience with Querido

Beaverbrook Townhouse is located just 45 minutes away in the heart of Chelsea or use Beaverbrook’s ideal location 40 minutes from Heathrow and Gatwick airports as a starting off point to explore Querido’s European & Moroccan properties. 

How to get there

Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Gatwick Airport (LGW) are approximately 40 mins away.