Querido is a collection of the finest family-owned hotels.

We work with family-owned hotels because we know that the best experiences come from the deepest connections.

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Palazzo Avino in Ravello - I mean, who doesn’t love the Amalfi Coast? It’s the first Querido Hotel I have ever stayed in and will always have a special place in my heart. The Avino family have grown to become dear friends of mine—almost like family. The views of the sea while laying out by the pool are breathtaking and I can’t wait to return to Avino Clubhouse By The Sea—their own private beach club.

Meet the finest family-owned hotels.

The word “querido” means cherished, and that’s what our families and hotels are to us.

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Connect with some of the world’s best travel experts and advisors.

Our Rockstars bring you the very best of each hotel, destination, and experience.

Meet Our Rockstars

We help family-owned hotels flourish.

Our love for family-owned hotels runs deep because we know how much dedication and soul comes with them.

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