SHA Wellness Clinic

Alicante, Spain

SHA Wellness is located close to a national park, noted by the World Health Organization as one of the most favorable climates for wellbeing, where you can not only see but feel the Mediterranean Sea. Part clinic, spa, and luxury hotel, SHA is more than a destination. It’s a life-changing experience that propels you into your optimal state.

Total relaxation is guaranteed in any of the hotel’s 92 suites, ranging from 750ft2 to 3450ft2 and spread across two floors, each with its own large terrace so you can enjoy alfresco meals and all that pure Mediterranean air.

The story

SHA was born as a result of founder Alfredo Bataller’s personal experience, when in the face of a critical diagnosis, he found a doctor with a great understanding of nutrition and natural therapy who helped him regain his health. Alfredo’s mission then became SHA Mission—to create positive, substantial, and lasting change to your health and wellbeing with proven natural therapies, and the latest advances in scientific medicine.

Your stay

Immerse yourself in one of the clinic’s award-winning programs: weight loss, detox, sleep recovery, rejuvenation, anti-stress, fitness, or recovery—or build your own program based on your needs. Any stay at SHA is one to remember, but the Penthouse and The Residences with its private infinity pool is one of complete seclusion.

How to spend your time

There’s really no reason to leave SHA but if you feel like stretching your legs and pondering the day’s lessons, a hike from the national park to the lighthouse feels cathartic and energizing.

Fall in love with

From the latest advancements in scientific medicine, to age-old practices adapted for our times, SHA’s holistic take on wellbeing makes for a unique experience, unavailable anywhere else.

Expect the unexpected

The body, spirit, and mind-connection is upheld in each and every one of SHA’s wellness programs—and you’ll take with you new ways of being in the world. With a focus on local, fresh produce, the food is not only delicious but a lesson in how to incorporate healthy eating habits when you leave.

The best time to visit

SHA is always a good idea—for your body, mind, and soul. A visit in winter always feels right to set intentions you’ll carry through to the new year. After a summer of indulgence, the fall weather provides the perfect backdrop for a back-to-school reset.

More to experience with Querido

SHA is worth the visit on its own but if you want to experience more of Europe’s best spas, the Marbella Club, Borgo Egnazia, and Lily of the Valley make for a transforming trip away.

How to get there

Alicante (ALC) airport is 45 minutes away, and Valencia (VLC) is 120 minutes away.