Hotels, Industry, Lifestyle | September 2022

Aficionado – 10 Years of Querido

‘Aficionado truly reflects everything we stand for as a collection’

Querido’s 10th anniversary is a special moment to reflect on all the wonderful memories we’ve created over the years as a family. Querido celebrated in style at the Bellagio Las Vegas with our hotels, rockstars, and top industry partners with a big reveal of Aficionado –  a Querido magazine celebrating the finest collection of family-owned hotels.

Our hotels have been the backdrop for so many amazing experiences, and we’re proud to showcase them in all their beauty in our first issue of Aficionado. Each hotel is featured in stunning detail, illustrating our collection’s unique magnificence and style.

In addition, readers will get a glimpse into the remarkable experiences they can enjoy while staying at a Querido property. From world-class cuisine and luxury spa treatments to exciting activities and breathtaking views, Querido hotels offer something for everyone.