Hotels, Lifestyle | November 2022

Flavors of Marbella Club

One of the most beautiful destinations along Andalusia’s Costa del Sol, Marbella, truly has it all: over-the-top hotels, rosé-all-day beach clubs, designer shops, golf courses, wonderful weather year-round, and top dining experiences everyone must try!

Known as an iconic hotel in the region, The Marbella Club launched a series of special culinary menus to inspire guests and locals to celebrate the uniqueness of their spaces. With the experiences beautifully set up throughout the hotel, Chef Yahav Erlboim, with over 25 years of experience as a chef, and Head of Bars, Nelson Gallo showcase the four elements in a dining menu that reflect the Andalusian traditions.

A n d a l u c í a

The Andalucia experience introduces the region’s rich culture from authentic dishes, music, dance, and its people. Inspired by traditional local cuisine, the menu serves tapas made with seasonal and local ingredients. Guests can expect the most flavorful paella to be cooked before them as they enjoy a one-of-a-kind cocktail created specifically for the occasion.  Now thats what we call living your best Costa Del Sol vida!

F i r e

Where there’s smoke, there’s flavor! Cooking over an open flame always enhances the taste and fragrance of any dish! The Fire experience expresses the element’s importance in Andalucian culinary practices. From various cooking techniques to how materials such as wood and charcoal can enrich flavors, this experience pays tribute to one of the first discoveries of humankind. Chef Yahav has developed a delicious menu inspired by dishes cooked over an open fire or grill!

S e a

The Costa del Sol is famous for its chiringuitos, casual restaurants that offer fresh seafood and authentic dishes. The traditional chiringuitos of Malaga inspire the Sea experience with a menu designed by Chef Yahav to feature a wide variety of locally caught fish. The “espetero” tradition is the centerpiece of the experience, which dates back to the days when fishermen would bring freshly caught fish and shellfish to shore, where they were cooked over an open fire and served to diners on the beach.

G a r d e n

The Garden experience combines the beauty of the region’s nature and creativity with vegetables, fruits, and aromatic plants. A concept in which family and friends enjoy different elements taken from the same garden at Marbella Club, and adding them to various dishes. Chef Yahav has designed a menu inspired by freshly picked seasonal and local produce. Nelson, Head of Bars, has created cocktails based on botanical magic, offering homemade cordials using herbs grown at the hotel’s gardens. We’ll have one..or two cocktails por favor!

Are you ready to have all your senses captivated?