Parisian Weekend with Querido Rockstars!

Querido, in collaboration with our fabulous collection of hotels and hoteliers, hosted our top partners, Querido Rockstars, for a celebratory weekend at La Fantaisie.

Nestled in the lovely Faubourg-Montmartre neighborhood in Paris, arriving at La Fantaisie is like discovering a hidden treasure on rue Cadet. The moment we stepped inside, it was as if we had entered a tranquil garden in the heart of the bustling city with the cozy floral lobby and warmest greetings that instantly made us feel at home.

The weekend started with a fabulous welcome cocktail at Bar Sur Le Toit, the vibrant rooftop bar of La Fantaisie overlooking stunning views of the Parisian skyline, where hoteliers and Rockstars mingled while enjoying the lively ambiance and Californian-inspired cocktails!

Day two began with an exciting adventure exploring La Fantaisie’s vibrant neighborhood of Faubourg Montmartre, guided by experts who unfolded the area’s rich history and hidden gems.

Wine tasting at 10 am? Mais oui!

We savored the exquisite flavors of local French wine at Ame et Esprit du Vin, then took a stroll through the charming Passage Verdeau—a haven for antique enthusiasts and bookworms alike. And, of course, we couldn’t resist satisfying our sweet tooth at La Mère de Famille, Paris’s oldest chocolate shop, with the perfect treat for each one of us.

For le déjeuner, we made our way to La Petit Charlotte, a cozy and authentic French bistro, for a delicious three-course meal that transported us to the heart of Parisian culinary traditions. From the smoked herring and perfectly cooked duck to the crème brûlée, every bite was a testament to the gastronomic excellence of the city.

The excitement didn’t end there! We were in for a special evening at La Fantaisie’s Golden Poppy by the incredible Michelin-starred Chef Dominique Crenn.

Picture this: live music, servers dancing and singing, and an incredible experience where Chef Crenn crafted a pescatarian menu, blending flavors and textures in a way that exceeded all expectations. It was truly something special!


As we say goodbye to this magical weekend in Paris, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the amazing team at La Fantaisie, our incredible Rockstars, and the wonderful Hoteliers as we eagerly look forward to the exciting Querido travel adventures in 2024.