Caroline Wallace

Caroline Travels the World
Richmond, VA, USA

I am born explorer, having traveled extensively with my family as a young girl before venturing out on my own to all corners of the globe. In 2006, I turned my wanderlust into a business, Caroline Travels the World (CTTW), to create travel itineraries for people wanting to see the world in a comfortable yet authentic way, just like I do.
While CTTW (myself and my team of four coordinators) specializes in European, South and Central American, and Caribbean destinations, we also generate domestic business with leading hotels and resorts in the USA. Consistently ranked one of Brownell Travel’s highest producers, I continue to travel the world in search of the properties, guides, and experiences that will exceed my clients’ expectations – as well as my own.

Favorite Memory

This would have to be at Palazzo Avino, which I experienced alone a few years ago, just after getting some bad news about a family member. It may seem odd for a favorite memory to be during a difficult time, but I’ve never felt quite so cared for and comfortable as those few days in Ravello. Somehow that pretty pink building and all there seemed to wrap their arms around me. It was therapeutic. I hiked, swam, and strolled the charming town before settling back into to the hotel in the evening. I’ll never forget it.

Insider Tip

Do as much or as little as you want. The Querido collection is comprised of incredible hotels that seem to fit the destination as if they were always there. Give yourself permission to settle in and really enjoy the surroundings, the service, the scenery.

Next Dream Trip?

I would like to visit the SHA WELLNESS CLINIC in ALICANTE, SPAIN. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking during these trying times and may like to restructure my business to include a focus on wellness. I’m very health conscious and have enjoyed some great spas worldwide. I understand how different they can be depending on what the mission is. My passion for health, fitness, and wellness is shared by many of my clients. Now more than ever, we all know that the stresses of every-day life can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. I sense that more and more travelers are finding that hitting a reset button where they can foster the mind-body connection and come back home feeling rested and recharged can be life changing.

Cannot travel without...

My swimming goggles!