Kyle Seltzer

Kax Lifestyle
Miami, FL, USA

Kyle, through his fascination for self-discovery and over
a decade of work within the travel industry, has observed
and experienced many of the most incredible destinations
across the globe while fulfilling an instinctive wish to savor
divergent cultures and meet new people. He embraces
the opportunity to meld and bond with the surroundings,
activities, and cuisine, irrespective of whether the destination
offers scant amenities or first-class facilities; luxury can be
found in the connection, experience and adventure involved,
and not necessarily in the lodging.

As so many factors make up the client’s preferences, Kyle likes
to listen to and connect with the client’s aspirations with the
purpose of furnishing a genuinely personal understanding
and genuine connection. Preferences, previous experiences,
and the essence of the idealized journey are the workings
that forge a unique travel proposal.

When creating a journey of ventures and discoveries,
Kyle strives for a clear connection with the client, which
compliments his adherence to the value of creative time: A
connection that will engender discovery, once-in-a-lifetime
activities, and unplanned adventures.

Favorite Memory

The most aggressive 4 hour Path of the Gods hike with Martino Acampora the General Manager of Villa Treville, …with lunch at the Shepard’s Hut eatery with 180 cloud high view of the Amalfi Coast

Insider Tip

Make a point to meet the owner or General Manager of year property, because then you’re family.

Next Dream Trip?

Royal Mansour for my upcoming (big) birthday!

Cannot travel without...

My laptop