Lauren Shook

New York City, NY, USA

At an early age, it was clear that Lauren’s favorite subject was travel. She ventured outside of the country for the first time in third grade and so began her love affair with travel. At ten years old, she began making detailed guides and itineraries, which allowed her to discover the beauty and uniqueness of each destination. Fast forward to today, where Lauren’s unquenchable desire and enthusiasm has led her to explore over sixty three countries. Her world travels and exposure to diverse cultures and international luxury hotels ultimately led her to pursue a career in the luxury travel industry. After graduating from Boston College, Lauren worked in lifestyle management and hospitality, where she garnered more knowledge and expertise of the luxury landscape and built long-lasting relationships with clients. She then took a leap of faith as she decided to solely pursue a career in travel. She has been quoted in Forbes and Travel Weekly and is making a name for herself in the business. She was nominated as Travel + Leisure’s Rising Star in 2021 and was recently awarded as part of the STARS Celestial Club for 2022. She was also named as Travel Agent Central’s 30Under30 for 2022. Lauren recently launched her own agency and serves as the Founder & CEO of TripMe. As a millennial with vast travel knowledge and experience, she is in pursuit of a limitless career. Lauren hopes to leverage her all-consuming passion to cultivate genuine connections and engage the next generation of travelers for years to come.

Favorite Memory

I was the first American guest to stay at Lily of the Valley before its opening and what an experience it was! The property was not open to the public yet and I had the entire hotel to myself…a truly surreal experience. The entire team and staff at Lily of the Valley were exceptional. I enjoyed an incredible dinner on property, cooked personally by Chef Vincent Maillard accompanied by some incredible French rosé wine. Stephane Personeni, the GM, truly has a special property on his hands and leads his team with keen attention and kindness. I look forward to returning to enjoy the property at its fullest, especially with the new beach club and pool suites!

Insider Tip

Given that Querido’s collection of properties include all family-owned hotels, it’s important to leave time in your itinerary to spend time on property. Each property is its own jewel and meant to be discovered to its fullest. So often clients are busy exploring and venturing off property, but the real magic of these properties can be found on site especially with the dedicated and veteran staff. I can confidently say that I have never felt more like part of the family than when staying at a Querido property.

Next Dream Trip?

I would love to visit the Pink Palace, Palazzo Avino because all of my clients over the years have raved (and some have cried) over the views and world-class service. The Avino sisters have become dear friends of mine and I would love to see the property through their eyes!

Cannot travel without...

Room in my luggage for a special travel souvenir – whether a local handicraft, antique map, or stylish new clothing item that reminds me of the destination!