Suzy Xiu

New York, NY, USA

Suzy is Senior Travel Manager at SmartFlyer HQ in New York City. She’s led somewhat of a nomadic life, fueled by a restless desire to experience the unknown. As a result, she’s never lived in any place for longer than two years. Although she was born in Beijing, she spent her formative years in New Orleans, where the melting pot of French and Spanish cultures taught her a love for languages and good food. Seizing every opportunity possible to travel, she’s visited six continents, and spent summers living in Paris, Berlin, and Shanghai, as well as a year-long stint in Bologna, Italy. Her favorite part of each trip is discovering the best local restaurants to add to her continuously growing list. Her ultimate bucket-list trip is doing the Trans-Siberian Express crossing on the Golden Eagle. Specializing in luxury travel, she was named to Travel Agent Magazine’s top 30 Under 30 Travel Agents for 2014. She is also a Tourism Australia certified Aussie Specialist Travel Agent.

Favorite Memory

One of my favorite moments to look back on is arriving to Sublime Comporta after completing the gorgeous drive through Alentejo from São Lourenço do Barrocal, checking into our chic cabana pool villa, and relaxing by the crackling indoor/outdoor wood-burning fireplace.

Insider Tip

Each hotel has an amazing story and family behind it. Get to know these stories, and you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for each destination and the people behind the experience, and come away as family yourself.

Next Dream Trip?

The incredible program the Bataller family has developed at SHA Wellness in Spain has always been a dream of mine to experience. I’m even more excited about their plans to expand to North America – the new SHA Mexico property looks stunning.

Cannot travel without...

I love to create a Google Map wishlist for each new destination I visit. It’s a great way to travel without a rigid itinerary while having a plan at the same time. Inevitably the list gets longer during my trips as I add recommendations and insights from new friends along the way, but I love the process of discovering each new experience, and am always left with a reason to return!