Hotels | January 2022

Villa TreVille – A True Positano Gem

Querido starts the year strong by adding one of Positano’s finest hotels, Ville Treville, to its collection.

Positano is known for its romance, breathtaking views, and unforgettable experiences. With its magical panoramas of the Amalfi coast’s blue waters splashing into the rocky beaches, Ville Treville has seduced guests worldwide, including well-known individuals such as Elizabeth Taylor. 

As the former home of Franco Zeffirelli, Italy’s celebrated opera and film director, Villa Treville has always fostered an atmosphere of culture and creativity that is evidently visible in the property’s design with hand-painted tiled floors, one-of-a-kind art, stunning views of Positano, and extravagant amenities.

The most prestigious suite on the property and our personal favorite, The Maestro Zeffirelli Suite, takes guests on a journey the moment they enter. The feeling of being in a glamorous Italian movie scene is the best way to describe it.

Most of the unique furnishings pay tribute to the great Italian filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli. Comprising a spacious living room, dining room, three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, considered as three independent suites, the Maestro Zeffirelli Suite has breathtaking terraces and a private plunge pool.

When it comes to dining at Villa Treville, the options are endless. The chef can prepare any Italian dish of your preference using the freshest ingredients, all sourced locally from herbs, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and even wine. The hotel gives its guests a laid-back feel with plenty of areas to lounge – Salone Bianca, a Moroccan-style sanctuary dedicated for guests to enjoy an evening cocktail or wine.

It may be hard to leave the stunning property, but we recommend taking a short boat ride to Treville Beach club – a hidden oasis with rows of stylish, white loungers and umbrellas overlooking the pebbled beach.

Villa Treville provides an experience of ease, comfort, and indulgence. Let’s just say it’s like sipping champagne, on a private terrace with breathtaking views at your affluent best friend’s family home on the Amalfi Coast!