Hotels | July 2023

Welcome to La Fantaisie Paris

Opened July 1st 2023

Nestled in the heart of Paris, La Fantaisie is a hidden gem that seamlessly blends timeless beauty, impeccable design, and unparalleled hospitality. With interiors artfully curated by the world-renowned star designer Martin Brudnizki, this exquisite hotel offers a truly exceptional experience. From its stylish guestrooms to its delectable restaurant, tranquil garden-inspired spa, and rooftop bar, La Fantaisie captures the true essence of Parisian elegance.

Located within walking distance of Pigalle and the Grand Magasins, La Fantaisie places you at the center of Parisian charm. Explore the vibrant streets, shop at chic boutiques, and discover the city’s cultural treasures.


La Fantaisie is an oasis of history and beauty, located on the very street once home to master gardeners Jean & Jacques Cadet. For centuries, this road bustled with lush market gardens; now La Fantaisie embraces the joie de vivre lifestyle to evoke new emotions among guests.

With thoughtfully designed guestrooms, La Fantaisie offers a haven of comfort and sophistication. The hotel’s 63 rooms and ten suites provide a complete escape from the busy urban setting outside using the 16th-century gardeners and brothers Jacques and Jean Cadet as inspiration for the design. Martin Brudnizki uses a palette of soft and sunny colors for the intricate interiors featuring ceilings decorated with floral wallpaper –successfully creating an imaginary garden. Located on a higher floor of the hotel, the Terrace Suite boasts a private terrace allowing guests to immerse themselves into the charm and grandeur of Paris.

La Fantaisie’s exquisite restaurant led by the visionary three Michelin-star Chef Dominique Crenn, celebrated for revolutionizing Californian gastronomy. Not only was she the first female chef to receive three Michelin stars in the United States, she has also established herself as a sustainability champion with her approach at La Fantaisie emphasizes using locally sourced ingredients, adopting zero-plastic, zero-waste philosophy in her cuisine. The restaurant’s glass ceiling and interiors are inspired by an antique garden greenhouse, connecting diners with the open natural outdoors.

From strolling through the charming streets of the Faubourg-Montmartre neighborhood and indulging in a relaxing afternoon at the beautiful garden-inspired spa to enjoying dinner at the hotel’s renowned restaurant, Golden Poppy, and finally ending your day on a high note by enjoying the breathtaking views at the hotel’s rooftop Bar Sur Le Toit, La Fantaisie is our Parisian dream come true.