Hotels | July 2022

Meet Sublime Lisboa

 With its classical architecture, vibrant nightlife, and diverse gastronomic scene, Lisbon is a city that attracts crowds from around the world. Within the Portuguese capital, in the central Amoreiras neighborhood, Sublime Hotels open the doors to its newest property: Sublime Lisboa. Sister hotel to Sublime Comporta (Located an hour from Lisbon), Lisbon’s newest luxury boutique hotel mirrors the city’s charming character by bringing together tradition and modernity.

The residential neighborhood of Amoreiras where Sublime Lisboa resides is in close proximity to the trendy neighborhoods of Principe Real, Bairro Alto, and Chiado. The property itself is surrounded by historical buildings and monuments, gardens, museums, and a 16th-century aqueduct!

Built in the 20th century, the walls of Sublime Lisboa have over 100 years of fascinating, glamorous history. During World War II, it safely housed Japanese diplomats, businessmen, and military personnel. Later, in the 1960’s, the building was transformed into “O Candelabro”—Simone de Oliveira’s iconic restaurant that hosted “the most dazzling parties of the resident high society.” The parties attracted the likes of Lisbon’s bohemian crowd and international figures such as Audrey Hepburn, Aga Khan, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Gina Lollobrigida.

Sublime Hotels’ transformation of the building, led by local architecture firm Andringa Studio, showcases the building’s original architecture and history while integrating modern elements. Room interiors are vibrant and exciting with varying graphic design patterns, yet cozy and filled with warm light. Each of the fifteen rooms and suites are uniquely decorated with hand-selected objects, creating an individually-tailored atmosphere.

Sublime Hotel’s Lisbon property mirrors an “urban” version of the Sublime Comporta experience.

 Art remains central in every space within Sublime Lisboa: photographs by prestigious author Manuel Correia can be found in multiple rooms, and sculptures by artists such as Rui Chaves can be found on the hotel’s interior patio. No detail is spared when it comes to the careful curation of Sublime Lisbon’s welcoming, authentic atmosphere—even the property’s grand staircase that connects all floors is carpeted with patterns that are a copy of Lisbon’s municipal flag.

As a city with an exciting and diverse food scene, Sublime Lisboa’s restaurant Davvero holds its own with the capital’s top restaurants. The Mediterranean and Italian-inspired cuisine of Davvero focuses on the quality of its freshly-picked ingredients and the right flavor combinations to bring out the strongest side of the ingredient itself.

Top Specialties at Davvero

Start off with their special cocktail – The Bellini


Whipped salted cod with olive oil, crispy black polenta


Black cuttlefish risotto


Sponge cake, Italian merengue, vanilla chantilly


The restaurant’s interior pays homage to classic restaurants such as Cipriani and Harry’s Bar, with a contemporary twist. Led by Chef Isaac Kumi, Davvero seeks to bring to Lisbon a new experience that promises to make this restaurant a tradition in the capital.

Sublime Lisboa is unexpected and surprising, never giving in to being wholly traditional, or modern, or conventional. As emphasized by the Sublime Lisboa team, this is a property with a past, a future, and a story to tell. Providing local, authentic experiences remain at the forefront of Sublime Lisboa’s mission, with a high-end, client-focused concierge service. Guests are warmly welcomed into the Sublime Lisboa property, making it feel more like a home than an impersonal, corporate hotel stay. Once the animation and excitement of Portugal’s capital have worn you out, Sublime Lisbon’s sister property, Sublime Comporta, provides a relaxed, serene experience on the coast that emphasizes the true meaning of “slow-living.”