Betsey Brown

Betsey Brown Travel
St. Louis, MO, USA

Betsey’s passion for travel started in college after catching the travel bug studying abroad in England. She started Betsey Brown Travel 8 years ago and is proud to be affiliated with Smartflyer. She loves planning family travel, couples getaways and those “once and a lifetime” trips that we all dream about. When not globe-trotting, Betsey loves spending time with her three children and husband in St.Louis Missouri. It is hard for her to sit still, so showing her own family the world is always a priority.

Favorite Memory

Bringing my 100% Italian mother to Palazzo Avino for a mother/daughter trip. Our stay from start to finish was magical and I will never forget it. My mom had never been to the coast of Italy and it was so special to make Ravello a focal point for our Italian getaway. From the beach club, to dinner at Rossellini’s Restaurant, we could not get enough of this gem of a hotel.

Insider Tip

I always suggest to my clients, make friends with the staff at each hotel you visit- these are where secrets are found. Having local insight anywhere in my opinion is crucial in getting a great feel for a property and surroundings. Also, stay longer then you think, 2 days is too short anywhere, add on that 3rd night!

Next Dream Trip?

Borgo Santo Pietro and Villa Cora, I could not pick just one! I had a trip back in March scheduled to these two and unfortunately it was cancelled. It is on the top of my list as it is a client favorite and I cannot wait to experience it myself!

Cannot travel without...

My medicine kit, with a Registered Nurse degree, my nursing skills are brought everywhere!