Bridget Cohn

Bee Hospitality
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Bridget is the founder of Bee Hospitality, a membership-based luxury travel agency with a distinguished expertise in food + beverage and entertainment. Originally from New York, she is based in Mexico City and is a proud affiliate of Embark Beyond.  Prior to partnering with Embark, she spent seven years as a house-agent in NYC after studying hospitality and interning in hotel operations with Rosewood Hotel Group and Kerzner International. 


Bridget’s favorite activities include cooking, hiking, yoga, hot pilates, bar dining, seeing live music, exploring cities on foot, and guitar singalongs with friends & family. 


She is self-proclaimed diehard Querido fangirl and supporter for life!

Favorite Memory

It’s a tie!

  1. Karaoke with Valentina De Santis (owner of Grand Hotel Tremezzo & Passalacqua), Carlos Quereda (Founder of Querido), and some stellar Querido Rockstars at Vale’s stunning home in Lake Como.
  2. Taking an impromptu train journey with Lukas Burkia and Teresa Unterthiner (owner of FORESITS) from Florence up to South Tyrol after DUCO Italy to visit FORESTIS and instantly falling in love with the property (and with Lukas, of course)

Insider Tip

Combine multiple Querido hotels within the same itinerary! The collection is so remarkably cohesive despite each hotel being independent, so having multiple Querido properties within a trip creates pure magic. You will feel the same warm familiar welcome and will notice delightful similarities throughout!

Next Dream Trip?

Borgo Egnazia!  I have been to to the destination once before but didn’t even scratch the surface. Puglia has overwhelming interest from clients and I know that Borgo is a destination in and of itself, so I’m eager to go back and spend time there, really discovering the stunning property and all of its offerings. I am also excited to  discover the region through the eyes of the team at Borgo Egnazia – they have their own in house DMC, so the offerings for clients are vast and seamlessly integrate with their stay at the hotel. This is something truly unique and special. 

Cannot travel without...

Healthy snacks and noise cancelling AirPods! 


I have an aversion to plane food, so I try to have a clean meal before traveling and then I pack tons of nutritious snacks in my bottomless pit of shoulder bag. 

As for the headphones, I have always loved listening to music on flights, but Apple really changed the game with their noise canceling AirPods. Turning on the noise cancellation feature while on a plane is remarkable — if you’ve ever drowned out a crying baby on a flight using this method, you get it!