Fernando Gonzalez

First in Service
Miami, FL, USA

Fernando is a travel industry visionary who founded F1S with his sister, Erika Reategui, in 1991. A vibrant and driven leader, Fernando has helped strategically grow the company into a thriving international venture. As CEO, Fernando is the big-picture thinker, building relationships with key global partners, overseeing all facets of the company, and propelling F1S forward as a creative and service-driven leader.

Favorite Memory

My favorite memory was the time I was lucky enough to stay at the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa, after attending the Virtuoso Chairmen’s event. It was the perfect follow up. My wife and I enjoyed everything about our stay. Down to the service, accommodations and food.

Insider Tip

As a lover of architecture, I would recommend looking into the history of any Querido hotel you stay in. All Querido hotels are family owned and if you ask the staff, they’ll be able to share facts and some helpful tips around town.

Next Dream Trip?

I would love to visit the Marbella Club next to explore more of Marbella.

Cannot travel without...