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Gaby Gálvez

Mexico City, Mexico

I’m Gaby Galvez, a luxury travel advisor based in Mexico City affiliated with NUBA and @lastravellers. My mission is to create a positive impact on the individuals I encounter and collaborate with, approaching life with both passion and a sense of humor. I thrive on connecting with new people who bring unique perspectives, breaking away from conventional thought patterns and fostering profound relationships. The worlds of architecture and art captivate me, with Japan holding a special place in my heart as my favorite country after Mexico. I cherish my career, my family, and the meaningful friendships cultivated within the travel industry. Having lived across the globe, I maintain an eternal curiosity to explore new destinations and embrace diverse experiences.

Favorite Memory

I spent part of my honeymoon at Borgo Egnazia just a few years after it opened when Puglia and this lovely property weren’t even on anyone’s radar! We fell in love with the place, the lighting, the magic and had some wonderful drinks with Aldo the owner who told us the full story of the property and how he came up with the idea to do a hotel that was completely different from any other hotel in the world #nowherelse

Insider Tip

Querido properties all have unique stories about how they came to be and great families or companies behind them doing things with lots of love and passion,  so if you read about them before your trip and do a bit of research it will change your entire perspective of the place.

Next Dream Trip?

São Lourenco do Barrocal has been on my bucket list since I first saw it. I have sent many clients and they have all had magical experiences so Im dying to go experience it myself. And of course, combined with both Sublimes in Portugal.

Cannot travel without...

Tajin, the best Mexican spice to put on anything and everything. Salt, chili, and lime all in one. Whenever I travel, I take a mini sized tajin for EVERY day of my trip… 20 day trip… 20 tajins.